2014-11-11 Tuesday

We sailed overnight, arriving in Wertheim just after breakfast. A scenic bus ride through German’s countryside to Heidelberg, an ancient city that is home to Germany’s oldest university. We toured the imposing red sandstone ruins of Heidelberg Castle, among Germany’s most popular attractions. Originally built in the 12th century, the castle has since undergone many periods of destruction and reconstruction and includes some of the Renaissance era’s most important buildings. Abandoned over 300 years ago, the castle is still home to the world’s largest wine barrel, a 250-year-old vat shaped from 130 oak trees that once held 50,000 gallons of wine. Unfortunately, it is dry these days so we drank in the spectacular views of the Altstadt and Neckar Valley from the terrace of the castle’s central courtyard instead. Afterwards, we enjoyed a guided walk through Heidelberg’s Old Town and marketplace. We enjoyed lunch at Hotel Ritter, where we were joined by a local University Student. Then a stroll along the main shopping street. Just off the main street, we found a pub where we enjoyed yet another beer. Then back on the bus for a scenic ride to Miltenberg where our ship had sailed to meet us.

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