2014-11-05/06 Wednesday/Thursday

We met our esteemed travel companions, Ken and Mary at MSP. Beer drinking commenced immediately. Did you hear the one about the man who owned a Rarey Bird? It seems he left it in his car on a hill. The car rolled down the hill, off a bridge and into a river. The local Policeman writing up the accident reported; “it’s a long way to tipararey.” It’s longer to Prague. But, here, it is interesting! For a metropolitan area of 2 million people, the traffice problems are severe. The beer and wine are good, and cheap, as is the food. We enjoyed dinner at the Kilkovna Celnice. [www.kolkovna.cz] Kolkovna is a typical Czech restaurant which offers traditional cuisine. We tried the homemade Pilsner as well as Pilsner Goulash.

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