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2014-09-11 Thursday

Moving day!  Likely, one of several.  I met the movers at my storage unit bright and early. I could be of no help to them, so I filled my car and headed to the house to start unpacking.  We were delightfully surprised with a grocery delivery from our Realtor.  He brought toilet paper, Kleenex, napkins, plates, many sandwiches and condiments, water, cookies, cola, trash bags, napkins, eating utensils, veggies, chips, hand soap, etc  Wowser! Everything we need to get us through the weekend. While we were very happy to see the Surveyor, Steve was disappointed to learn that he cleared brush from what turned out to be the City of Wayzata’s property. We are prepared for the fence installation to begin tomorrow.  We need the fence installed before we can move the dogs, and we need to move the dogs ASAP so we can work on getting the Victoria house ready to list.  Our new mattress was delivered.  A quilt my Mom made me Christmas of 2011 is going to work perfectly! My ambitious goal is to have all my stuff out of the garage by Sunday evening. We gave it all we had today. Our backs hurt, our knees hurt, our feet hurt.