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2014-11-07 Friday

An early breakfast at our hotel. A city tour of Prague by tour bus. The afternoon spent wandering around the city on foot, enjoying the local beer and food. An early dinner at Cafe Imperial. The cobblestones, while beautiful, are hard on joints. Most of the streets were paved hundreds of years ago, but the sidewalks were done quite recently, in 1969. They are not so much cobblestone as more like ceramic tile in a shower, except they get rather slippery when there is a drizzle as there was Thursday evening and, to a lesser extent, Friday.

Our tour guide today, Vera, was less of a guide, although there was enough of that, and more of a conveyor of local legend and lore. The Communists were ousted 25 years ago in the “Velvet Revolution.” The WWII Russian tank displayed in front of City Hall was painted pink back then. The artist responsible for the pink tank also crafted the “Computer Babies” that are pictured.
The attitude of the Czechs toward the Germans seems to be something like, “We have to be nice to our neighbors, but we remember what they did, the bastards.”

Tomorrow we rise early, leaving for Germany at about 8 am. We get a tour of Nuremburg and join the Viking ship “Oden” to begin the cruise.

2014-11-05/06 Wednesday/Thursday

We met our esteemed travel companions, Ken and Mary at MSP. Beer drinking commenced immediately. Did you hear the one about the man who owned a Rarey Bird? It seems he left it in his car on a hill. The car rolled down the hill, off a bridge and into a river. The local Policeman writing up the accident reported; “it’s a long way to tipararey.” It’s longer to Prague. But, here, it is interesting! For a metropolitan area of 2 million people, the traffice problems are severe. The beer and wine are good, and cheap, as is the food. We enjoyed dinner at the Kilkovna Celnice. [] Kolkovna is a typical Czech restaurant which offers traditional cuisine. We tried the homemade Pilsner as well as Pilsner Goulash.